Flunkyball Eng

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Flunkyball Eng
Spieleralter: 18-60 60-
Spieleranzahl: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Spieldauer: 15 min

Current user rating: 91% (133 votes)

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Flunkyball, the best German Drinking Game ever!

U Need[Bearbeiten]

  • A Meatbomb
  • A target (usually a bottle)
  • 1 projectile (ball, stick, beer can, fir cone, again take what you have)
  • at least 1 bottle of beer per person (you may take glasses but bottles are more fun)

Number of Players[Bearbeiten]

  • 2 - ∞ (even numbers)
  • 1 referee

Teaser for the Word Championship 2007 in Germany. As far as I am informed, the 2008 championship didn’t happen – German authorities had it verboten.

Before the Game[Bearbeiten]

  • Sort the players in 2 teams
  • Playing ground: find an open, free space (parking lot, meadow, beach etc.) or a meatbomb at Meadowbrook ave
  • Divide the playing field in 2 equal halves
  • Place the empty bottles on the midline (to keep the bottles from toppling – if you have plastic bottles – fill them with water. No, not alcohol. Anybody who does this gets disqualified immediately). They are the target.
  • Each team takes his place, about 5 meters from the midline, opposite each others
  • Every player of every team gets a full bottle of beer placed in front of him.
  • Throw a coin which team begins. This team gets the ball or whatever chosen projectile you have.
  • Now the game can commence!

For 4 players in each team it looks like this:

A A A A	(Team A)
b b b b	(bottles)
o   		(ball)

t t t 		(target, usually a bottle)

b b b b	(bottles)
B B B B	(Team B)

The Game[Bearbeiten]

The Rules[Bearbeiten]

  • Team A – the one with the ball – throws the ball and tries to hit as many target bottles as possible.
  • Team B jumpstarts and puts up the toppled bottles.
  • As long as team B is putting up the bottles, team A is drinking their beer bottles.
  • When Team B is back behind their starting line, they hold the ball high in the air. Now team A stops drinking and puts their bottles down on the ground.
  • Now it is team B’s turn to throw the ball and to drink, while team A resets the toppled bottles and retireves the ball.
  • The team that finishes drinking their beer first is the winner.


Now the game sounds too easy and not so much fun. But there are some additional rules …

  • Everyone who spills beer gets a penalty beer
  • beer bottle topples: penalty beer
  • Insulting the referee: penalty beer
  • drinking out of turn: penalty beer
  • for the very hard: puking – penalty beer

All the penalty bottles are additional bottles and the game is not over until all of them are empty.


  • If your players are to good, change distance to midline, take a smaller ball, more target bottles, fewer target bottles etc.
  • If you use 0,2 glasses or cans for the beer, everybody should get 2 glasses
  • Too boring? Play nude Flunkyball, the same rules as above apply :-D
  • If the ball goes down a hill, first put up the bottles, then the turn is ended. Recover the ball now.
  • ‘’’every’’’ beer bottle that topples has to be killed by the owner, no matter why the beer spilled. And don’t forget, he gets a penalty beer as well… This makes it possible to take a shot at the bottles of the enemy team. Extremely helpful if the rival team is winning!
  • From Karlsruhe University (KIT): Instead of an additional penalty beer, replace the actual gaming beer with a new full bottle. Fouls call for a shot of a really disgusting cheap liquor (whatever Aldi/Lidl/Your favourite discounter offers).
  • Build a shelf for the target bottles. You can use a latch and 2 bricks. A skilled thrower can move the bricks. This makes the rebuilding of the bottles more complicated.
  • Regional from Wuppertal/Remscheid: you start with one bottle in the middle and every emptied bottle is added to the target.
  • From Aachen: Phone-a-Friend Lifeline. Once in a game, you can throw your mobile at the bottles, no matter which team has the ball.